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About us





About our company.

The KissCode Systems Kft. is a young company registered and having a company headquarter in Hungary.
Founded: in 2015.
Managing director: József Kiss.
We have created our company to make the possibility to pass on our innovation and creativity. As our customers, we also belive that sometimes to solve an unusual problem it needs to develop an unaccustomed solution.
It is not necessary to be ordinary while solving a difficult problem.

Our most valuable attributes.

  • Focus on Customers
    The development of our products and services is for our customers so their satisfaction is the most important for us.
  • Strive to be useful
    One of our most important values is to let our products (whatever genre) be the most useful as possible for our customers and visitors.
  • Creative and unique solutions
    Sometimes it needs to go on an untrodden way to reach our goal and find a solution, it is our pleasure to do it if we have to!
    Instead of profit-oriented thinking, it is more important to us to have the correct directions by our standards, and this may gainsay the usual market attitude.

About the developer.

According to the experience and feedback, the developer of the Production Database Reducer works with very high standards. This is one of the chief warranty to have our customers being satisfied and the quality and the deadline of the bug fixing and the developing of new features are far above from average on the market.
Besides, the developer has made his own idea and maintain it, so this is also a warranty now to be the software quality on the highest level, this is not a newer product made on conveyor belt with average software quality. Moreover, the designer and the developer of the Production Database Reducer also works as a software quality engineer, so a really failure bypass development working is behind our product.