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Legal notices


Production Database Reducer (hereinafter referred to as: Prdare, PDR, Software), Website copyrights.

You, by entering any page of (Website), accept the following conditions, independently of the fact that you are our Client, or you are our visitor, who did not make any previous purchases.

All the contents on the Website are the intellectual property of KissCode Systems Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Website Owner), and they are under copyright protection. The purpose of the existence of the Website is to introduce and distribute the PDR.

The Website Owner retains all the Website related rights.

It is forbidden to utilise without the written permit of the Website Owner any part of the Website or the entire Website, including here, among others, the saving or other utilisations of its contents. The documents that are located under the Public Materials menu item of the Website represent an exception from under this and they may be freely saved and distributed in an unchanged format.

Unauthorised utilisation will lead to criminal and civil law consequences.

Website Owner does not undertake any liability for possible damages that may be traced back to the information presented in this document.

Production Database Reducer (hereinafter: Prdare, PDR, Software) Data Management Statement.

Visits to the Production Database Reducer website (hereinafter referred to as: Website, of web addresses: and in the case of purchasing through the website the protection of the visitor data of the Website and ensuring the information self-determination right of the visitors are a priority for KissCode Systems Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Website Owner).

The Website Owner commits itself to establish and apply a data management practice that corresponds to the effective legal provisions. Present data management statement was prepared on the basis of the following legal provisions and international recommendations, and our everyday data management activities are defined by the following laws and directives:
- Act CXII of year 2011 on informational self-determination freedom of information;
- Act VI of year 1998 on the protection of the individuals in the course of processing personal data by machines;
- Act CVIII of year 2001 on electronic commerce;
- The operation, ethical and procedural regulation of the Association of Hungarian Content Providers concerning content services, with special regard to Appendix 2 on the management and protection of personal data and information;
- The recommendations of the Online Privacy Alliance:

You may write in respect of your data management related questions to email address
and we are pleased to be at your disposal!

07.23.2017 CHANGE!
It is not possible to login to the Website, and internet based registration is not possible. Thus no such personal data are stored at the Website, which the service providers used to ask on the occasion of registration from their users (e.g.: user name or password). We are not managing and not registering data of this kind.
The Website has stored the above data from customers since 07.23.2017 by its online helpdesk service:
- Customer ID
- Name
- E-mail address
- Properties of support tickets and comments:
   .file attachments
The helpdesk area and the database of that are accessible by ssl encrypted connection as the Website itself.
The registration into this helpdesk area happens automatically during the ordering of the prdare software. The Website Owner clears this automated registration from customer on request.

The Website places on the computer of the visitor so-called cookies, which are suitable for differentiating the given client computers and which exclusively contain work session identifying data. They do not contain data that could be used as regards the person of the visitor, for identifying his/her person. These data are exclusively created for contact keeping between the client and the server computers and for the purpose of the proper operation of the Website.

After purchasing through the website we are registering the following data in respect of our Clients and their transactions:
- Implementations intended to be ordered
- Currency type used on the occasion of payment
- Name
- E-mail address
- Mobile phone number
- Company name
- Address
- City
- Region
- Postal Code
- Country
- Comment
- The following dates:
   .Posting of the order
   .Sending of the information providing letter
   .Receipt of the complete purchase price
   .Sending the installation package
   .Receipt of the given entire maintenance fee
   .Receipt of “contact” letters
   .Responding to “contact” letters
   .Bug report
   .Bug fixing

We ask and store the above data in order (helpdesk and ordering database) to be able to accurately enter your order into the books and it is also necessary to register these data for allowing future contact keeping (client identification), moreover we are able to issue the electronic invoice for our Clients based on the above data.

We manage the above data in line with the effective Hungarian law and the above indicated international data management directives.

The Website Owner will not hand over the above data to any third party, an exception from under this is represented by mandatory data services required by law.

The above customer client data are not stored at the Website, in the databases of the Website! These data are stored exclusively in storages that are in the possession of the Website Owner and without exception in encrypted files. The keys required for decrypting the encryption are known only by the Website Owner and its direct employees.

The Website Owner upon request (after unambiguously identifying the client) will correct and return the managed data free of charge to the given Customer.

The Website Owner upon the request of the client deletes the data of the client (depersonalizes, puts into zones*), however in this case the client will not be able to receive updates for the given PDR implementations, since the data used for contact keeping are also destroyed. The data that are related to financial payments are exempted from under depersonalization (however the person executing the payment will not be identifiable!).

At the end of the lifecycle of the PDR the Website Owner deletes (depersonalizes*) all the personal data of the customers, with the exception of the financial, payment data.

*depersonalization: a procedure as a result of the execution of which the original data set already cannot be connected to a given person, the identification of the given person from the depersonalized data group is already not possible.