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Production Database Reducer
    Basic information about the Production Database Reducer.
»Main functionality
    The main functionality of PrDaRe.
    The description of the method.
»Technical description
    Information about the installing and usage.
»Development - testing
    About the base idea, development and testing.
    Real examples and about the developer database structure.
    The possibilities and the limitations of the Production Database Reducer.
»Development roadmap
    The future plans of PDR functionality.
»Return on investment
    Informations about the return on investment.
    The page of our video demonstrations.
    Our opensource projects.
»Arriving soon..
    Our currently developed and not yet released works.
    The order of using the Production Database Reducer.
»The license
    The PDR license have to be accepted.
»The package
    This package will be sent during the purchase.
»The process
    The process of the order.
    The options of the contact.
    The introducing of Service Level Agreement.
»Public documents
    The list of public accessible documents
»E-mail addresses
    The list of our e-mail addresses.
Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions.